IRIS visualisation & software

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Our solutions for visualising your monitoring

We offer two versions here.

  1. The cloud version using GSM/wireless communications
  2. In-house server integration via WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth or OPCUA Standard


The benefits of the IRIS Monitoring System:
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices and machines
  • Objective and automatic data collection
  • Identification of alarm and warning signals
  • Automatic alarm via email, smartwatch or warning light
  • Creation of batch records
  • Paperless access to tank documentation
  • Paperless access to work instructions and PDF documents
  • Monitoring of changes to parts and full load
  • User accounts with access rights
  • Maintenance analyses
  • Audit log
  • Data export
  • Data collection in the event of power outages using a UPS
  • Transfer via OPCUA for ERP systems
IRIS visualisation & software