Tanks & apparatus building

Custom tanks and systems designed and manufactured for you

We develop, manufacture and inspect vessels and process systems for the manufacture, preparation and storage of your products, particularly in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Industry applications in detail

Our process tanks set standards when it comes to the safety, purity and reproducibility of pharmaceutical formulations.

Our sterile tanks are easy to clean, have a compact design and feature innovative engineering. As an established supplier for the pharmaceuticals industry, we have numerous references when it comes to tanks for stirring and mixing sterile products.

Our tanks are used to produce, fill and store:

  • serums
  • liquids
  • tablets
  • coatings
  • pastes and balms

For sterile and non-sterile environments, in areas at risk of explosion (ATEX) or under atmospheric conditions, as pressurised tanks, as depressurised tanks or for use under a vacuum.

Our tanks are used by renowned, leading pharmaceutical companies, producers of generic medicines and subcontractors.

Product groups from the tanks & apparatus building segment


Sterile equipment

Systems for the manufacture and process monitoring of vaccines under sterile conditions.

Sterile tank

Mobile systems for the manufacture and process monitoring of vaccines under sterile conditions.

Complex pipe/process systems

Stationary process tanks with stirrers and process measurement technology for various applications and stirring processes in vacuum, pressurised and unpressurised processes.

Stirring tank

Mobile and stationary tanks to stir and mix fluids.

Coating tanks

Mobile process tanks with the smallest possible stirring and residual stirring volume for coating and spraying liquids.
CIP -11

CIP tank

Stationary stirring and storage containers to prepare and store cleaning and CIP fluids.

Process tanks

System for the manufacturing and process monitoring of of products under non-sterile conditions.

Filtration tank

Process and storage tank for filtrate and chromatography processes.

Storage tank

Stationary and mobile storing tanks for solid, fluid and semi-solid products.

Other tanks

Reactors, vacuum tanks, swivel tanks, custom tanks.

Tank & apparatus building design options