Coating tanks

Process tanks for spraying and coating liquids

Our coating tanks are optimised for process, mixing and stirring processes for water and solvent-based products, using the smallest possible residual stirring volume. Dispersing and homogenisation are at the forefront for the reproducibility of coating and spraying liquid processes. Coating tanks can be optimised through our IRIS monitoring system. Our products are used and valued by manufacturers of coating and granulate systems as well as producers of pharmaceutical products.
120l ATEX stirring tank with control cabinet

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120l ATEX stirring tank with control cabinet

Pharmaceutical process tank for coating liquids pursuant to PED 2014/68/EU module G, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and MD 2006/42/EU.
Top section as pressure dome cover with welded conical nozzle. Conical base design. The tank is characterised by its low residual stirring volume. This is approx. 1.0l.

The tank is equipped with a heating/cooling jacket and insulation cover.

Equipment also includes:
  • ATEX propeller for a viscosity of 250 mPas
  • Metaglas sight glass
  • LED sight glass lights
  • Rupture disc / safety valve
  • Product tubes
  • CIP cleaning nozzle
  • ATEX design
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Product: Coating liquids, spraying liquids
10 l – 500 l
Tank product chamber:
p = -1 / +3 bar,
t = -10 / +150 °C
Double wall:
p = -1 / +3,5 bar,
t = -10 / +150 °C
Parts in contact with product 1.4404/ 1.4435/ 316L , with APZ 3.1 AD 2000, Ra <0.3µm