Document Preservation

Machines for paper processing and restoration

Machines for paper processing and restoration.
We manufacture and develop systems for treating historical written works, documents and paper, and support the work of restorers and archivers in doing so.

Industry applications in detail

At present, 30 percent of valuable historical documents are affected by paper degradation. Decomposition of inks, mould infestation, fire, water and environmental damage all damage unique, historical and cultural artefacts and scientifically important works.

We have the necessary expertise and technical experience to build flexible systems tailored to your requirements, that preserve archived and library-based works in the long term.

These are just some of the benefits of our method:

  • Elimination of iron (II) ions and other substances that damage paper
  • Deacidification and mechanical reinforcement of unstable inks
  • Preservation of paper substance, inks and printed colours in their original form
  • Individual treatment of imperfections of written documents at risk of damage
  • Leaf margin and leaf format creation with regard to a visually complete book

Product groups from the document preservation section


Paper restoration

Our manufacturing portfolio includes leaf-casting machines for paper restoration, plunge pools for wet treatment, extraction tables and accessories. We are also happy to take over the maintenance of your equipment.

Wet processing & acid neutralisation tanks

Plunge pools to treat documents and book pages in aqueous solutions.

Leaf-casting, imperfection & replenishment machines

Compact system to fill out defects and holes and to process art paper.

Implementation options for document preservation

The stainless steel products of our company stand out for their extreme durability and resistance to chemicals and temperature changes. These are advantages that also benefit restorers and archive managers. We offer the following stainless steel equipment to treat documents and printed material: