Paper restoration

Equipment for assisting with book restoration

Paper damaged by fire will disintegrate with the slightest movement. By developing the leaf casting process, this results in a highly effective restoration process for paper that has been damaged, particularly by fire. We have focussed primarily on wet processing and leaf casting processes with our products.
Leaf-casting machine for treating imperfections

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Archivare Restorers

Leaf-casting machine for treating imperfections

Multifunctional partial stabilisation and leaf casting for treating imperfections on paper and printed works.

Assembly and equipment of the leaf-casting machine

The processing tank is made of stainless steel and polished electromechanically. This makes it easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. The base features LED lighting for optimum working. The leaf-casting tank is equipped with 2 linear lifting cylinders for even lifting of paper surface (perforated plate). A folding frame fixes the book pages to be processed. The lateral overflow tank features a pump which supplies the prepared, water-based solution to the book pages via a distribution system.

Measurements and size
  • Usable area: 750 x550 mm
  • Depth approx. : 680 mm
  • Width approx. : 1,600 mm
  • Height approx. : 950/1,400 mm
  • Storage capacity
  • Leaf-casting tank: 150 l
  • Storage capacity
  • Overflow tank: 50 l
  • Version with lateral tank: left
  • Treatment basins: Stainless steel
  • Frame construction: Aluminium
  • Frame construction: Aluminium
  • LED light sight glass: sodium silicate opt. borosilicate glass Borosilikatglas
Archivare Restorers

Wet processing tanks as a 4-chamber system with heating and insulation jacket

Plunge pools for treatment of documents, printed materials and paper
Equipment also includes:
  • three-walled soak tanks
  • Nominal volume 220 l
  • Inner tank (WxDxH): 800 x 400 x 700 mm
  • Heating jacket
  • Insulation with stainless steel casing
  • 4 filling connections per tank
  • Disposal including ball valve for each tank and manifold
  • Overflow
  • Cover, steam-tight, removable
  • Integrated storage tray for wet processing cassette
  • with circulation pump
  • Screw-in heater in the heating jacket for heating the tank via the double wall
  • Control cabinet
  • Parts in contact with the product: Stainless steel, 1.4571
  • remaining parts: Stainless steel, 1.4301
  • Frame: Aluminium or stainless steel 1.4301