Test benches

Stationary test benches with multiple volumetric reference standards

Our reference standards are stationary facilities that inspect road tankers, ship loading facilities, aircraft refuelling and railway loading stations. These typically involve setting up multiple reference standards. Volumes between 100l and 5,000l are used here.
Airports – test equipment volume standards 200 l, 2,000 l, 5,000 l

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Airports - test equipment volume standards 200 l, 2,000 l, 5,000 l

Stationary test equipment for checking dispensing quantity at airports. Consists of a 200l, 2,000l and 5,000l volume standard as a working standard. Upright volume standard with feet for checking dispensing quantity at petrol pumps, in tanker trucks or refuelling systems .

Sizes: 5l, 10l, 20l, 50l, 100l, 200l, 500l, 1,000l, 2,000l, 5,000l Tolerance: ±0.1% pursuant to PTB Volume 26 or ±0.05% pursuant to OIML (from 10l)

Test liquid:
low viscosity mineral oils or water

– for mineral oils: Stainless steel 1.4301
– for AdBlue: Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4404


  • Filling from top via the neck
  • Disposal via draining
  • Scale engraved from stainless steel
  • Displacer
  • Circular level
  • according to size with 3-4 feet
  • Bottom discharge as a ball valve or shut-off valve
  • Sight glass with drip control
  • optional: Filling pipe with sight glass for checking levels with 1-3 thermometer tubes depending on the size
  • Pre-calibration
  • Displacer

Additional options for volume standards:

  1. Air vent with deflagration flame arrestor
  2. Filling pipe with shut-off valves and sight glass for checking levels (from 100 l)
  3. Overfill protection
  4. Manhole cover (from 500 l)
  5. Material version 1.4571 (suitable for AdBlue)