Process tank for sterile production

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Item description:

Pharmaceutical process tank for the sterile production of serum pursuant to PED 2014/68/EU cat. 4/module G, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and MD 2006/42/EU.
Top section as pressure dome cover with welded conical nozzle. Torispherical base design. The tank is equipped with a control system, analysis technology and filter. The tank is equipped with a heating/cooling jacket and insulation cover.
Equipment also includes:
  • Magnetic stirrer for a viscosity of 250 mPas
  • Filter for sterile filtration
  • pH measurement
  • O² measurement
  • Metaglas sight glass
  • LED sight glass lights
  • D-ended sight glass in casing
  • Rupture disc / safety valve
  • Product tubes
  • CIP-compatible sampling and outlet valve
  • CIP cleaning nozzle
  • ATEX design
  • Control cabinet in line with ATEX
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Cytostatic drugs, serum production
10l – 800l
Tank product chamber:
p = -0,5 / +3,5 bar,
t = -10 / +150 °C
Double wall:
p = -0,5 / +4,5 bar,
t = -10 / +150 °C
Parts in contact with product 1.4539 , Delta ferrite <1%, with APZ 3.2/3.1 AD 2000, Ra <0.8µm
Process tank for sterile production